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Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

We have 3 diffrent pricing plans, please see the chart below


Great for boosting motivation and getting your child back on pace for success.


This program will challenge your child mentally and physically. This course Includes personalized trainers for inceased health and mentors for academic success.


We can handle every kind of trouble, and if your buying this plan you are bringing it. Your child and their bah habbits are no match for this program. We will beat down the ego and bad behavior and instill our morally correct values into them.

$2999 plus transport fee

Please Pay Here
Shipping Options

$5000 plus tranport fee

Please Pay Here
Shipping Options

$7500 plus transport fee

Please get in contact Here

If you click the "Submit" button, the information will be sent to our Adminastrative board. Please expect a response within 4 to buiness days.

No Support after session is over After session support included for 3 months after We gurentee better behavior,and we are so sure of that we made our moto "We will take them back or send your moeny back!" please see our refund policy
Basic housing in group dorm Basic housing in group dorm + One week during session spent camping in wilderness with group and intrusctors. Advanced Options pkease see
2 week session 1 1/2 month session 3 month session
Academic courses not included Academic courses included, working off state curriclum All academic courses included
Does not guarantee better and enhanced behavior after session ends. Please upgrade plan for after session support or guaranteed behavior change.

We have after session support with many other bells and whistlkes in this experiance.

This course is RSVP ONLY. Please get in contact with the school board to set up a meeting. Please have behvaior records, medical history and any other important information on hand and ready to mail.