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Magnus Training School Interveiw from a former student

Meet Nathan

Photo of Nathan

The following is a interview given by a news reporter from FOX, speaking to Nathan about the school. This was transcribed by one of our profesionals.

Interveiwer: How would you rate your experiance out of 1 to 10?

Nathan: My experiance at the school?

Interveiwer: Yes

Nathan: I would rate this shcool a 10 out of 10

Interveiwer: What made it so good?

Nathan: I went in as a very bad child, always in trouble, but magnus whipped me into shape very quickly.

Interveiwer: So would you recomend this school to parents of misbehaved children?

Nathan: Yes very much

We got into contact with Nathan and he was able to write us this paragraph

When I was a young delinquent teen my parents felt nothing could help me. When I was sent to this school my viewpoints were completely changed. I went through the top tier program, I believed its called Ultimate? The group dorms forced me to get along with my peers due to the close living quarters. All dorms were kept very clean, as we were made to scrub until the floor was a mirror. The physical activities and harsh workouts kept me shape and tired me out for 5 pm bedtime. The intense study sessions where IQ boosting and difficult, but the mentors helped me through it. The school was very professional and overall a good investment for your child.

Signed, Nathan